Believe it or not, the word “STRESS” can be a helpful reminder of how to reduce stress. Try these tips:


Don’t schedule too many things in your day. If you feel you’re too  busy, cut out one activity or two.

T-Treat your body well

Experts say exercise reduces stress. Also,eat healthy food so your brain and body get the nourishment they need.


Do an activity you enjoy and that relaxes you. Reading a good book, learing a new hobby, spending time with your pet or visiting a spa could make a difference.


Be realistic about yourself and others. Do your best but don’t try to be perfect, and don’t expect others to be.


Get a good night’s sleep. It will keep your mind and body in top shape.


Smile and have confidence, your attitudes and thoughts influnce the way you see things. If you’re a negative person, you can actually think in a more positive way.

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