Such a wonderful moment~

Today is really a big day, for Lakers, for Kobe, for fans like me and Michael…

After a long journey, you did it and you deserve it–The 2009 NBA Final Championship and The Final MVP…

We all know how much you want it and how much you pay for it, we can feel your truly happiness because we all know what you have been through…

Those rumors around you, those people who hate you or deny you, those days you bothered in the scandal, those words hurt you, but you proved you are the one, the one in the top of the world.

I admire you, not only because of your excellent basketball skills but your spirit, your belief, your passion, your sweat and tears.

I love all of you, for all you guys have done for us, bring us happiness and much more moved moments, Go Lakers!

Congratulations Lakers!


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